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My New Journey with Zenika

July 09, 2019

At the end of last month, June 2019, I resigned from Beauty One International (BOI). It was wonderful 2 years and 5 months working at BOI, where I embarked my journey as a software developer. Now I have started a new challenge at Zenika, a French software consulting company in Singapore.

For years, I was eager to work in a real tech-driven environment where I can meet cool guys, study the latest technologies and influence more people with my skills. It is exactly the reason I decided to work in Zenika because its culture is cool and pure. Everyone in the team is trying to have fun with technologies and make use of them to help clients to achieve successes.

Before joining Zenika, I was unsure about working in a software consultancy company because I have heard rumors in China that a software consultant especially working at the client site is like a “secondary citizen”. They are not official staff of the client companies and their own companies does not care about them enough, as long as they are attached to clients.

After getting in more touch with Zenika, my doubts are cleared. The colleagues are so keen to their works and amazingly friendly to me. Even if I have not officially started my first day of work, they invited me to the team dinner and got me introduced to everyone. I really felt warmly welcomed by the team. After I got on board, I joined with Zenika community by using WorkPlace, Slack and Trello. I noticed everyone in Zenika is passionate about technologies! Besides their daily works at client site, many of them invest their precious personal time into open source software development, tech community networking and self-improvement. That is really awesome!

To me, I feel much comfortable to work in such a cool company. It does not matter if the work is busy or there are many things to do. Anyway, the most important thing is to stay happy. Happy coding, happy living!

Written by Yi Zhiyue
A Software Engineer · 山不在高,有仙则灵
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