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My First Volunteer Experience at GovTech

July 03, 2020

Today is the last day for my volunteer work at GovTech, from 17 Apr 2020. 😋

It was a fruitful and meaningful experience to me, especially under such pandemic situation. I feel excellent to contribute my expertise in combating COVID-19.

In this volunteer work, I setup and shipped 3 front end projects using React. They are

  • A component library which integrated Google Dialogflow services, to boost the development speeds of chat bots in different government agency websites
  • A demo web application to showcase how to customize a chat app built with the component library.
  • An admin dashboard to manage configurations of different Chat Bot apps in different government agencies’ websites.

For me, it is a great learning opportunity as I could make independent decision on how to structure front end projects, including project structure, lint configuration, test configuration, webpack configuration, and then share my approaches to other developers. It is wonderful because I didn’t have such a chance at work because boilerplate is often provided for a jump start. I would say this experience definitely helps me to grow to be an application architect!

Written by Yi Zhiyue
A Software Engineer · 山不在高,有仙则灵
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