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Written by Yi Zhiyue
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May 17, 2019

这一个多月在风风火火地考试和赶项目中度过了。终于,大三也画上了句号,离毕业还有一年之遥了。这学期两门核心课程,一门专业课程都不容易。比起全读生有六种专业方向可选,兼读生只能从数据科学和计算机安全两个方向里选专业课程。而因为我的毕业设计是关于机器学习的,我也自然而然地选择了 CZ4042 Machine Learning…

Think Beyond the Problem

March 23, 2019

Yesterday in the department meeting, our CIO asked us one question: If you are generating a report showing a customers’ satisfaction score in this month, while this customer has a…

Understanding Loops in Recursive Functions

February 15, 2019

Recently my friend asked me one question regarding how to interpret the loops in the recursive functions. At first I thought it was fairly easy to understand. Until I dive into the…