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Written by Yi Zhiyue
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Think Beyond the Problem

March 23, 2019

Yesterday in the department meeting, our CIO asked us one question: If you are generating a report showing a customers’ satisfaction score in this month, while this customer has a…

Understanding Loops in Recursive Functions

February 15, 2019

Recently my friend asked me one question regarding how to interpret the loops in the recursive functions. At first I thought it was fairly easy to understand. Until I dive into the…


December 30, 2018

终于进入 2018 年的尾声了。也许是本命年的缘故,这一年里不论是学业还是事业都充满了挑战。在新年的钟声响起之前,我希望在这里回顾过去一年的点点滴滴,分享给大家我的心路历程吧。 学业成绩——走在钢丝上 似乎我和 4.50 的 GPA 就这样杠上了。自从第一年终于从 4.00 爬上 4.50 之后就寸步难行了。不论是擅长的 Human Computer…

Create a Simple Breadcrumb in Angular

December 14, 2018

Recently, I am building an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for my company. The system is required to be flexible to hold different individual modules. In this platform…


December 09, 2018

晚八点,保温杯里的冰镇可乐滋滋地冒着冷气,面前是一张硕长的人造皮革沙发。一位身着白色背心的中年大叔探着身子,深深地被电视里的电影情节所吸引。 即使过去了这么多年,我依然记得陈叔的这般形象。 那一年,我拿到 O-Level…